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Get Know Guide of Proxy Marriage Requirements and Wedding By Best Lawyer

Proxy Marriage Requirements and Wedding:

To know the proxy marriage requirements in Pakistan and nikah khawan in Lahore Pakistan availability please contact Jamila Law Associates. Only the person who gives can say truly what is behind his giving. Only if he speaks out can we know what command applies to the cash or kind the family of the bride (or of the bridegroom) pressurize or 'request' the other side to give? Is it the observance of custom, shame, or pressure during proxy marriage requirements in Pakistanand nikah khawan in Lahore Pakistan? Of course, some people give without being asked but, again, they are wary of custom and know that if they do not give then they will be asked to give towards the expenses or they will be criticized. So, this kind of receipt is not lawful. This amount of money and things must be returned. (Huquq ul 11m P-8) If anyone takes money against his daughter at the time of marriage then that is unlawful. Shari 'ah has not put a price on a daughter. (Tabligh v-10 P-57)


 The fact is that the wedding procession is originated by the Hindus. In the olden days, there was no peace, and highwaymen and bandits often waylaid the bride and bridegroom. So, it became necessary to have the protection of a group of people and that gave rise to the wedding procession through proxy marriage requirements in Pakistan and nikah khawan in Lahore Pakistan. One man was selected from every house so that if the procession was intercepted, no house lost more than one man. But, when peace was restored there was no need for a protective cover of this kind. Hence, it is only custom and name that make the procession a must.


 Actually, customs have ruined Muslims. This is why I say that the engagement ceremony is a minor iqamah and the wedding procession a major one after proxy marriage requirements in Pakistan and nikah khawan in Lahore Pakistan.  It has become an essential part of the wedding. They insist on it. Their name and pride depend on it. When the Prophet agreed to marry off Sayyidah Fatimah to Sayyidina Ali the latter was there but at the time of marriage, he was not there. Rather, a conditional marriage was solemnized, "If Ali is willing". Accordingly, when he came, he said: (I consent). The marriage was thus performed.  I do not mean to say that the bridegroom must take this example and absent him. What I emphasize is that there is no point in insisting on a procession. The Prophet did not think it necessary for the groom himself to be there, then how can we justify the procession in proxy marriage requirements in Pakistan and nikah khawan in Lahore Pakistan.


 Often twice the number of the invited turn up for the wedding procession. To go in this manner is forbidden, A Hadith says that a gate-casher goes like a thief and returns a bandit. It is as sinful as theft and plunder. Then the host is disgraced. To do that is also a sin. The result is that both sides harbor displeasure and then life-time misgivings for one another. This is forbidden, so the things that lead to it are also forbidden. Hence, this custom must be given up. (Islah ur Ruswn, P-63). Our lawyer in Lahore will guide you the complete easy way of proxy marriage in Pakistan.

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